Wendell Berry

If agriculture is founded upon life, upon the use of living energy to serve human life, and if its primary purpose must therefore be to preserve the integrity of the life cycle, then agricultural technology must be bound under the rule of life.
– Wendell Berry

Our world faces overwhelming and complex social and environmental crises. At the heart of these crises is the imperative that we cultivate new relationships with nature and community.

Mill Station presents an opportunity to invest in the sources of food and community. With 86 acres of farm, wilderness, and water just 2.5 miles from the heart of Sebastopol, a half mile long lake lying in its center, 15,000 square feet of houses and barns, and valley rich soil, the Mill Station site provides the perfect setting for our initiative.

Three key activities define our enterprise: an organic farm and food production business, an educational model that cultivates both people and land, and multiple media channels and platforms to share everything we do.  These activities support and enrich each other, creating financial and social returns.

First, our farm and food production business cultivates the land and water resources with the best of organic and nature stewardship practices.  We run a “Super CSA” with hundreds of members who enjoy the fruits of our enterprise, and we deliver our food and food products to retail and wholesale markets.  We carefully steward the abundant water and wildlife resources on the land, protecting them in perpetuity, encouraging responsible recreational activities on the lake, farm and in the wild.

Second, the site is a giant canvas for our learning and education focus: at Mill Station, everything is being transformed, from agriculture to culture. Participants get hands-on, practical, real-world experience in organic and biodynamic agriculture, personal development, the arts and creativity, systems thinking, world view, physical work, architecture and land planning, social entrepreneurship, and business skills. We cultivate the change agents of the future.

And third, diverse media channels and products share our agricultural and cultural activities with broader audiences through online education, software apps, website advertising, and documentary and television production.

Mill Station is an ecology of creative, ecological and economic activities that provides financial and social returns.  Our approach maximizes profits build engaging our community in building a vital and diverse learning and economic resource.

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